Deadly flu epidemic across the country Video

  • Now Playing: Scientists closing in on a universal flu vaccine

  • Now Playing: Nuclear preparedness training delayed to focus on flu epidemic

  • Now Playing: Deadly flu epidemic across the country

  • Now Playing: Flu epidemic worsens with reports of 30 children dead from the illness

  • Now Playing: New CDC numbers show the flu is still spreading wildly

  • Now Playing: How at-home workout classes are revolutionizing the fitness industry

  • Now Playing: Young women using ADHD medicine up 700 percent over 8 years, CDC report finds

  • Now Playing: More schools close across the US amid flu outbreak

  • Now Playing: Woman says 12-year-old son who died had flu-like symptoms but test came back negative

  • Now Playing: Mixed welcome for Pennsylvania’s 1st medical marijuana dispensary

  • Now Playing: Can Botox be used to treat teeth grinding?

  • Now Playing: Flu shot shortage reported as flu epidemic overloads hospitals

  • Now Playing: New victims in flu epidemic as CDC holds urgent meeting

  • Now Playing: NH man and father possibly exposed to HIV by hospital

  • Now Playing: Serena Williams opens up about struggles during pregnancy and childbirth

  • Now Playing: Do gloves, scarves protect from the flu?

  • Now Playing: How to protect yourself when someone in your family has the flu

  • Now Playing: How to fire up your metabolism this year

  • Now Playing: CDC declares nationwide flu epidemic

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