Comey says his assumption Clinton would win was ‘a factor’ in email investigation Video

  • Now Playing: James Comey has a ‘difficult time’ telling the truth, White House says

  • Now Playing: James Comey attacks the president in his new book

  • Now Playing: Trump lashes out at Comey: ‘Untruthful slimeball’

  • Now Playing: Comey says his assumption Clinton would win was ‘a factor’ in email investigation

  • Now Playing: US and allies launch attacks on Syria

  • Now Playing: Iran, Russia should not associate with mass murder of innocent people: Trump

  • Now Playing: Pentagon officials remark on strikes in Syria

  • Now Playing: Strikes will establish a strong deterrent of chemical weapons: Trump

  • Now Playing: Couple drugged and blindfolded, and woman abducted in the middle of the night: Part 1

  • Now Playing: Police question boyfriend of abducted woman, doubt his story: Part 2

  • Now Playing: Couple in so-called ‘Gone Girl’ case denounced by police: Part 3

  • Now Playing: Man who kidnapped woman in so-called ‘Gone Girl’ case finally caught: Part 4

  • Now Playing: California city to settle with couple in so-called ‘Gone Girl’ case: Part 5

  • Now Playing: Couple in so-called ‘Gone Girl’ case convinced more suspects still out there: Part 6

  • Now Playing: Female trucker says she keeps a knife, mace after being attacked

  • Now Playing: College student shot dead in Brooklyn neighborhood after night of partying: Part 1

  • Now Playing: Two men found guilty of murder in college student’s shooting death: Part 2

  • Now Playing: Mom goes ‘undercover’ on crusade to free her son convicted of murder: Part 3

  • Now Playing: State witness alleges prosecutor, detectives cut him deal to testify: Part 4

  • Now Playing: Man’s murder conviction overturned after mom’s campaign for his freedom: Part 5

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