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skin” Dr. Whitney Bowe who says it’s not what you put on your face but what you put in your body and talking probiotics and protein powders to get that flawless complexion so it’s a very interesting way to think about it. You are what you eat. Most people think about probiotics in the context of gut health and digestion but promising new studies show that they might also pay a role not only in our overall health but in the health of our skin so the way I think about it, it’s all about the balance of bacteria in our guts so really you want to maintain this delicate balance because if one bug starts to overgrow and dominate, that can cause problems. Now our diet, the supplements we take, they can all affect this delicate balance and our goal, Amy is to boost the number and diversity of bacteria and starve those bacteria that might be starting to take over. All right, so what do you look for when buying probiotics? There’s a lot on the market. Not all probiotics are created equal. Different strains serve different purposes and some probiotics are simply more effective based on the way that they’re formulated so based on my research, based on my knowledge, there’s some key elements to consider so first has to do with diversity so I always say the more strains, the better. I tell people to look for strain, probiotics that contain more than ten strains, but the other thing to keep in mind is delivery so these probiotics, they need to survive all the way down to the small intestine which is where they need to go. Testify to stop first in the stomach, so imagine that this beaker has our stomach gastric juices and our enzyme, now typical probiotics that are unprotected, they’re going to get in there and going to break down, they’re not going to survive. They’re not going to make it to the small intestine so I tell patients look for the words delayed release capsule on the label. That’s very good. Another thing that you talk about, protein powders. What are their advantages and what should we look for. A lot of my patients are not getting enough protein in their diet and you need it for healthy skin hair and nails. Ideally you’re getting it from food but if not they are super convenient because you can literally take a scoop, you throw it in a shaker bottle, you can add water, you can add milk, you can put it in a smoothie, shake it up. Head out the door. It’s really — the catch is the majority of these are made with something called whey. It’s a milk protein and small studies have linked it with acne and inflammation. So you got to be careful what’s in hem. I say toss the whey and go for the plant-based protein powder. Dr. Whitney Bowe, thank you and ne-yo is next.

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