Robotic cheetah needs to be seen to be believed Video

  • Now Playing: Robotic cheetah needs to be seen to be believed

  • Now Playing: Netflix is testing an ultra-subscription service

  • Now Playing: Amazon Prime Day starts on July 16

  • Now Playing: Facebook bug temporarily unblocked former friends

  • Now Playing: Facebook admits to providing data to dozens of tech companies

  • Now Playing: Microsoft acquiring computer code site

  • Now Playing: Apple unveils iPhone addiction remedy at developers conference

  • Now Playing: Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

  • Now Playing: Apple to unveil 3 new iPhones

  • Now Playing: Sneak peek at the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ game for PlayStation 4

  • Now Playing: Preview Nintendo’s newest games at E3

  • Now Playing: Canon goes all digital

  • Now Playing: Facebook bug causes millions of users’ private posts to be made public

  • Now Playing: Honolulu to limit ride-hailing charges

  • Now Playing: Facebook admits giving user information to Chinese firm Huawei

  • Now Playing: ‘Net neutrality’ rules officially comes to an end

  • Now Playing: Hacking danger facing the airline industry

  • Now Playing: Apple unveils new security feature for iPhone

  • Now Playing: Supreme Court rules states can collect sales tax on online transactions

  • Now Playing: Instagram’s IGTV goes Live

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