Amazon opens its third Go Store Video

  • Now Playing: Techbytes: Amazon Puts Pressure on Netflix

  • Now Playing: TechBytes (10.31.11)

  • Now Playing: Amazon opens its third Go Store

  • Now Playing: Instagram is now the most popular social media platform among teens

  • Now Playing: Elon Musk’s hyperloop takes a big step forward

  • Now Playing: Apple releases the iPhone XR

  • Now Playing: Google launches next generation smartphones

  • Now Playing: Self-driving cars in Paris

  • Now Playing: YouTube goes down worldwide for about an hour

  • Now Playing: Owner of dating sites to repay users nearly $1M

  • Now Playing: Facebook tests un-send button for its Messenger app

  • Now Playing: Samsung announces new flip phone

  • Now Playing: Apple reportedly working on new digital video service

  • Now Playing: Super smart teen girls from India invented an app to deal with e-waste

  • Now Playing: Google announces next generation smartphone

  • Now Playing: Google shuts down its social media site after security breach

  • Now Playing: Google+ to be killed after bug exposed up to 500,000 accounts

  • Now Playing: SpaceX launch lights up night sky in Southern California

  • Now Playing: New hoax emerges on Facebook

  • Now Playing: Facebook users who decide to close their account now must wait a full 30 days

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