FBI opened inquiry into whether Trump secretly worked with Russia: Report Video

  • Now Playing: James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill

  • Now Playing: Dems ‘have to win’ in 2020: Comey responds to Trump

  • Now Playing: James Comey agrees to testify before House Republicans

  • Now Playing: FBI opened inquiry into whether Trump secretly worked with Russia: Report

  • Now Playing: Trump says declaring a national emergency to build wall ‘easy way out’

  • Now Playing: Workers call for end to shutdown: ‘We don’t have any money’

  • Now Playing: Government shutdown day 21

  • Now Playing: Shutdown leaves many lawmakers and federal employees frustrated

  • Now Playing: DC mayor signs ‘LOVE Act’ allowing marriage licenses during shutdown

  • Now Playing: Supreme Court says Justice Ginsburg’s recovery is ‘on track’

  • Now Playing: Michael Cohen to testify before Congress

  • Now Playing: Democratic strategist on 2020: ‘Super Bowl of politics is just starting up’

  • Now Playing: Friday Rewind: Government shutdown continues

  • Now Playing: Government shutdown 1 day away from setting record

  • Now Playing: Trump’s former lawyer to testify before Congress

  • Now Playing: Many federal workers prepare to miss a paycheck

  • Now Playing: Will Trump declare a national emergency?

  • Now Playing: Trump visits Texas as border wall stalemate reaches day 20 of gov’t shutdown

  • Now Playing: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slams president for shutdown

  • Now Playing: Trump visits border, says he ‘probably’ will declare emergency if no deal on wall

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