Republicans push for vote on Trump’s proposal to end shutdown Video

  • Now Playing: Trump will extend ‘Dreamers,’ TPS protection in exchange for full border wall funding

  • Now Playing: Under Trump administration, more kids separated at border than originally estimated:

  • Now Playing: Trump says students in viral confrontation ‘were treated unfairly’

  • Now Playing: Republicans push for vote on Trump’s proposal to end shutdown

  • Now Playing: Day 31 of the government shutdown

  • Now Playing: 2020 hopefuls honor Martin Luther King Jr. as campaign pace intensifies

  • Now Playing: Trump, Pence commemorate MLK Day with brief visit to national monument

  • Now Playing: Sen. Kamala Harris announces 2020 presidential run

  • Now Playing: Democrats will introduce a bill to help provide financial relief to unpaid workers

  • Now Playing: Democrats call Trump’s offer ‘non-starter’

  • Now Playing: Rudy Giuliani says Trump never instructed his former lawyer to lie to Congress

  • Now Playing: Government shutdown enters 5th week

  • Now Playing: With new proposal, Trump offering things base ‘might not love’: NYT reporter

  • Now Playing: ‘I would not rule out a wall in certain instances’: House Homeland Security chairman

  • Now Playing: Everyone’s been ‘playing politics instead of policy’ during shutdown: GOP senator

  • Now Playing: ‘People need a pathway to citizenship,’ Gillibrand says of Trump’s proposal

  • Now Playing: Trump makes big announcement about border wall and shutdown

  • Now Playing: Special counsel’s office says BuzzFeed report ‘not accurate’

  • Now Playing: Trump offers protection for ‘dreamers’ in exchange for border wall

  • Now Playing: SPECIAL REPORT: Trump: DACA extension for full wall funding

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